Custom-design shade and waterproof tension membrane structures

Aerosail has a range of customisable products available for residential, commercial, recreational and automotive applications. Our engineers and canvas makers use PVC fabric of various grades to ensure your chosen area remains shaded.

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Aerosail Peak

A four-or-more-sided fabric membrane with alternating high and low fixing points creating an anticlastic freeform shape.


A three-sided fabric membrane, mono-slope by nature because it can’t take any other shape.


A four-or-more-sided fabric membrane creating a mono-slope. At least one point is attached to a nearby structure, making it a highly cost-effective option.

Aerosail Sawtooth

A hybrid of the Skillion and Aerosail Wave. This style is purpose-built for sites where there is insufficient rainwater runoff.

Aerosail Summit

The perfect choice for large playgrounds with minimal use of columns due to the peaks’ large clear space capability. Its high centre and low sides provide excellent shade coverage.


Another design suited to playgrounds with tall play equipment and where central columns or wire rope backstays are not an option. This design can incorporate anti-climbing features to reduce the risk of vandalism and improve safety.

Barrel Vault

This arched-type structure is ideal for covering high-reaching play equipment and where waterproof fabric is a requirement.