Waterproof tension membrane structures
in Darwin

Custom design a shading structure purpose-built for all weather factors. Aerosail uses CAD and 3D design tools to develop your concept idea into a reality. Our framed structures and covered walkways are durable and offer exceptional weather protection. Based in Darwin, we ship made-to-order structures throughout Australia and to clients in Asia and the USA.

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Built from high-quality marine-grade steel, our framed structures are also manufactured with waterproof PVC or LDPE. These UV-stabilised tension membrane structures can be shaped into a cone, sloped or slanted orientation to best accommodate excessive water runoff. 

This versatile design means our framed structures have a wide variety of applications including:

  • Restaurants & cafes
  • Playgrounds
  • Community areas
  • Resorts
  • Sport clubs
  • Parks & council reserves


Aerosail’s free-flowing waterproof wave sail is the perfect cost-effective solution for schools, universities and large commercial properties with high foot traffic. Our designs are simple and provide cover from the sunlight and weather elements. These fabric structures are manufactured with steel frames and provide exceptional weather protection to inter-connecting walkways.

The Madonna conics are an appealing alternative for those with a bigger budget and looking for a stronger visual impact.